"Protecting the Southland for Over 20 Years"



Protecting the Southland For Over 20 Years




The Aztec Team of Proven Fire Protection Specialists Are Ready to Assist You With Your Project with Professional, Personalized Service from start to finish

Protect your building and its occupants from fire with the services of Aztec Fire Protection. Our team of specialists are skilled at creating custom, automatic fire protection sprinkler systems for your facility. We offer complete service that begins with an initial consultation and ends with the training on how to use and maintain your new system. Avoid fires at your facility with a state-of-the-art fire sprinkler system from our company in Los Angeles, California.

Project Management
Aztec's project management team has the experience to meet even the most aggressive construction schedule. Our project managers take the time to understand the individual needs and details of each project from the onset, and work diligently with the general contractor and other disciplines to ensure a quality project at completion. Our project managers guarantee that your project is completed on time and within the allocated budget.

Compliant Fire Protection System Design
Aztec's design team works diligently to design code compliant, automatic fire protection systems, and to ensure that all necessary engineering coordination is completed during the design phase of projects to avoid unnecessary delays during the construction process. By doing this upfront, we also expedite the plan review process and obtain all necessary permits and inspections in a timely manner.

Building, Fire Systems
Foreman, Fire Systems

Installation Process
During the fire protection system installation process, Aztec's field superintendents provide the necessary guidance and support to our project foremen and installation teams. This includes accompanying the general contractors and Aztec
project foremen for all necessary AHJ inspections and walk-throughs.

Detailed Inspection
Once the installation process is completed, our licensed fire protection system inspectors thoroughly inspect each aspect of the project installation. This is to ensure the fire protection system is code-compliant as well as meets the expectations of the general contractor and the high standards expected by Aztec on all of our projects.

Technical Guidance and Training
After each fire protection system has been installed, inspected and approved, our service personnel provide technical guidance and training to the owner's maintenance team. This is to ensure that they understand the fire protection system operation and maintenance requirements as well providing them with information on all future required service and inspection requirements and intervals.

Proudly Serving:
Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside,
San Diego and Ventura Counties
Contact our Los Angeles, California  office for code-compliant fire sprinkler systems. Hours of Operation:
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